Treating Periodontal Disease

Dr. Fowzia Hakym  will initially assess the whole mouth in order to ascertain the progress of the disease. Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Fowzia Hakym may treat the bacterial infection with antibiotics in conjunction with nonsurgical or surgical treatment or both.

The more common treatments are:

  •  Scaling and root planing – To preserve the health of the gum tissue, the bacteria and calculus (tartar) which initially caused the infection, must be removed. The gum pockets should be cleaned and treated with antibiotics and a prescription mouthwash should be incorporated into daily cleaning routines.
  •  Laser treatment – This can be used to reduce the size of the pockets between the teeth and the gums.
  •  Pocket elimination surgery – A surgical treatment which can be performed to reduce the size of the gum pockets, the space between the teeth and gums. Surgery on the jawbone is another option which serves to eliminate indentations in the bone which foster the colonization of bacteria.
  •  Tissue regeneration – When the bone and gum tissues have been destroyed, regrowth can be actively encouraged using grafting procedures. A membrane may be inserted into the affected areas to assist in the regeneration process.
  • Dental implants – When teeth have been lost due to periodontal disease, the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth can be restored by implanting prosthetic teeth into the jawbone.

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